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All events and parties from Pollyanna-Brewing-Company

No foolin’, bromo sapiens, we’re throwing a block party to celebrate the opening of our outdoor patio AND releasing two beers. Our wildly popular Raspberry Wheat Ale, “Summerly,” will FINALLY be back on draft and in six-packs for the first time this year. We’re also jumpin’ on the haze craze and releasing our first ever Northeast-style IPA, so cleverly named, “Do You Even Juice, Bro?” Brotally hopped and br-oated up, this beer’ll make you wanna be a bro-getter.

Because juice heads love some fresh nectar, we’re live bottling this juicy goose from 12-1pm so you can literally buy a bomber directly off the line. Get here early bro-getters! That’s some hella fresh haze!

Döner Men food truck will be on hand slingin’ some fresh German street food from 12-3pm so you can get your Döner fix.

What kind of block party doesn’t have live music? NOT THIS ONE!
Dave Rokos (12-12:30)
The Ramblin’ Boys of Pleasure (12:30-1:30)
Matt Zach & Tom (1:30-4:30)

All sorts of block party games and good times will be had by all. So wear your most neon of colors, bust out those tank tops, and grab a cool pair of shades because The Berries and Bros Block Party is all about fun, fun, fun.

Summerly | Raspberry Wheat Ale
4.8% ABV, 18 IBU (draft and six-pack 12oz bottles)

Do You Even Juice, Bro? | NE IPA
6.9% ABV, 69 IBU (draft and 22oz bombers)

Berries and Bros Block Party

Join our very own Vince this Tuesday March 21st for Home Brewer’s Night! Talk nerdy about beer and learn tips from other home brewers. Raffle at the end of the night, first ticket just for showing up and get an extra ticket if you RSVP to this event!

Home Brewer’s Night

Join us and the Pollyanna Brewing Company crew as we tap into a fresh firkin of __________(beer tba once they package it!) as we finish off our May Illinois Beer MONTH celebration.

…more details & info coming as we come closer to the event….

Drink Illinois

Firkin Friday – Pollyana Cask Tapping

For those of you that like the idea of games at the bar, but hate the idea of thinking too much, come hang out and drink with your friends while Ali hosts MUSIC Bingo – and you can win prizes!

The game is the almost exactly the same as regular Bingo, except we will be playing clips of popular songs rather than reading off letters/numbers. The music ranges from the 50’s to today’s top hits, including fun themed rounds (80’s rock, 90’s hits).

Music Bingo is completely free to play, but pays out real prizes every single game. Each round pays out in BEER, and other fun merchandise, and the winner of the last round of the evening takes home a full Howler!

Every person that comes (over 21+) gets their own set of bingo cards, so the more friends/family you bring, the higher the chance someone will win at your table!

We will have plenty of delicious beer, BYOF (Bring Your Own Food), an amazing staff, and free Music Bingo- See you all Wednesday at 7:00pm!

PS – This will be your first opportunity to Pre-Register for Lord of the Rings Trivia Night! Make sure your team will secure a table before general registration opens!

Music Bingo at Pollyanna

Send owls to your friends and family to get your team together (no more than 6 please, the sorting hat was very stern on this) because we’re back for more Harry Potter Movie Trivia at Pollyanna Brewing Company.

Our questions will make your O.W.L.’s and N.E.W.T.’s seem as easy as first year Charms, and the winning team will be happier than the winner of the tri-wizard cup (well….most of the time).

Ali with Baig of Tricks Entertainment will be quizzing you through all 8 movies, Pollyanna Brewing Company will be serving up their delicious brews, we’ll have amazing prizes to give out to the top teams, AND you can bring in/order any food you would like to the brewery (we’re not a fan of house-elf labor).

Spots are limited and pre-registration is HIGHLY encouraged for this event. You can pre-register your team early by attending Music Bingo on Wednesday May 3rd, otherwise online registration opens on Thursday, May 4th.

Harry Potter Movie Trivia Night

Find out all the parties and events in hialeah nearby and get notified for upcoming events.

All events and parties in hialeah


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