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All events and parties in newyork

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All events and parties from Konrad Cafe & Bar

“Life is beautiful and tragic. Beauty comes from tragedy. When you’re at home you wish you were somewhere different. When you’re on the road you wish you were home. After a listen through I’d like people to feel hope. And like they had some fun.”
Bart Budwig

Reservation advised

Bart Budwig (US – Alt-Folk/Country)

Soon more info…

Stay tuned!

Itinerantes Konrad Session “Acoustic”.

Ottawa singer-songwriter Kelly Sloan, in her arrangements, her fine guitar and piano work as well as her voice are reminiscent of the greatest, such as Joan Baez or Phyllis Dillon.

Soul is her country and folk, but she can also pop and rock.

Reservation advised

Kelly Sloan (CAN – Folk Country-Soul)

Brighton-based Spanish electro-folk trio Mustard have a solid following in the British seaside town, and are now making some forrays onto the continent.


Mustard (SP – Electro Folk) Free Sunday Concert

La real Salsa party…

The only party with authentic Salsa music, the Heavy SALSA Party Luxembourg! The best latin ambiance, music to enjoy, sing and dance to, bringing back the Guagancó and Son of the times, pure, classy Salsa, Boogaloo and Descarga by artists from the 60s, 70s, and 80s that travelled from Cuba to New York to perform and spread the music to Venezuela, Puerto Rico and the rest of the world.
A complete repertoire of the best music performed live, only at Heavy SALSA Party Luxembourg

Soon more info…

Heavy Salsa Party Luxembourg

Find out all the parties and events in newyork nearby and get notified for upcoming events.

All events and parties in newyork

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