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Join us as we continue to celebrate Cape Fear Craft Beer Week with an afternoon dedicated to the art of sour and wild ales featuring a full draft list, bottles, cans and more. Accompanied by live music, food truck and more. Celebrating the beauty of yeast or the benevolence of bacteria.

Sunday March 26th at 2pm. From classic lambic ales to modern day interpretations and big barrel-aged funkiness from all over the world.

Sour beers have been around since the creation of beer. In fact, before the nineteenth century, pretty much all beer was sour in varying degrees. Why? Before refrigeration technology and advancements in the science of fermentation, naturally occurring bacteria and yeast crept into beer, including Lactobacillus, Pediococcus, and Brettanomyces yeasts. These organisms create acidity in the beer, giving it its sour flavor and complex taste. Wood and barrel aging allowed the wild yeast and bacteria into the beer while the beer fermented, aged and was stored.

Modern brewers have learned how to control these yeast strains and bacteria in order to craft and create some of the world’s finest, most sought after beers.

Join the folks at Fermental as we showcase a massive collection of sour and wild ales from Europe and the US. Drink and share a bit of history. Enjoy a pint or fill a growler to go.


Food Truck: Vittles 2pm
Live Music: Soul-R-Fusion 2pm

Live Music:

Casual. Comfortable. Fermental.

Call 910-821-0362 for details.

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Sour Sunday: Fermental CFCBW

As part of Cape Fear Craft Beer Week, Fermental proudly welcomes the crew from Cigar City Brewing for an evening of tastings, giveaways, cask ale, multiple drafts, live music, food trucks, and more: Saturday March 25th at 6pm

With multiple drafts and package options, this evening is complete with live music and fare from a local food truck.

Florida favorites Jai Lai, Maduro, Florida Cracker, and Lager will be making their debut in North Carolina thanks to a welcoming partnership with Oskar Blues in Brevard.

One of the most celebrated breweries on the East Coast, to celebrate Cigar City, Fermental welcomes crew members for an evening dedicated to their fine-tuned craft.

Featuring a variety of beers on draught throughout the evening, cans will also be available for purchase showcased alongside live music and fresh food options from the

Jai Alai IPA
Florida Cracker
Tampa Lager
Madura Brown Ale

Taste. Sample. Enjoy a pint. Fill a growler. Take a few home for the weekend.

Casual, comfortable, Fermental.

Call 910-821-0362 for details.

Food Truck: T’Geaux Boys 6pm
Live Music: Raphael Name’ 8pm

An Evening With Cigar City Brewing is part of a continual series of brewery features at Fermental presenting an opportunity to meet brewery staff, ask questions, sample draft selections, enjoy brewery giveaways, food trucks, live music, and more.

For more information on these and other events visit

An Evening With Cigar City: Fermental

Find out all the parties and events in phoenix nearby and get notified for upcoming events.

All events and parties in phoenix


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