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Space Carnival w/Digeometric

\ \ S P A C E C A R N I V A L / /

Space Carnival blends high-energy disco, funk and progressive rock into an interplanetary performance. Formed in Spring 2013, Space Carnival consists of Jeremy Kraus on Guitar, Cameron Fitch on Keys and Vocals, Chris Meier on Bass, and Nick Tassinari on drums. The quartet began honing their live sound when they launched into the Oneonta music scene in Fall of 2013. Space Carnival keeps a consistent, fun, and fresh energy by rotating setlists, adding covers and confidently debuting original material. This four piece is sure to have you dancing with their form of loose funk and relentless slippery disco.

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Space Carnival w/Digeometric at Emporium Wicker Park


Pocket Radio
Pocket Radio blends soul, hip-hop, funk, and fusion in a unique and epic way. Influenced by artists such as D’Angelo, Snarky Puppy, Hiatus Kaiyote, and The Roots (to name a few), this project brings together a huge cast of Chicago’s finest musicians to create a sound that will blow your mind. In short: we’re here to satisfy the intellect, and your desire to throw down.

Nashon Holloway
“Equally at home in jazz, soul and folk music…” –
Nashon Holloway is a singer-songwriter from Kalamazoo, MI, with a five-octave range whose credit is live performance. Holloway performs unparalleled in any genre, including classical music. For this reason, her compositions attract audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Be it for her accomplished skill as a solo guitarist and vocalist, her intimate unplugged jazz sessions or her accredited funk and rock band, Holloway’s presence invites listeners to feel free, to heal, and to participate. Performance credits include features on The Oprah Winfrey Show with David Foster, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, Taste of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar. Nashon is a one-of-a-kind singer/songwriter with a warm, earthy and edgy style. See her website for more details: , and look for her album “The Palace & the Hut” now available on iTunes!

Pocket Radio / Nashon Holloway


Run and Punch
Run and Punch is a female-fronted 6 piece ska band from Chicago, Illinois. Their unique blend of aggressive pop punk hooks, soulful vocals, and catchy horn lines push the boundaries of third wave ska. Influences range from Catch-22 and Alkaline Trio to Ella Fitzgerald and even music from Little Shop of Horrors.

Duck Brown
Duck Brown is a ska band from St. Louis with previous members of Skadelic and All Things Aquatic.

Súbele is a Latin Fusion band blending Funk, Soul, Hip-Hop, R&B, House, Psychedelic, Jazz, Disco and Dance. We are all Homegrown in Chicago. An amazing city to grow up in for music lovers. We aspire to bring to life the sounds we hear and feel, and the one’s to make you dance.

Run & Punch / Duck Brown / Subele


Dogs At Large
“Sat somewhere between the 90’s, Punk, Garage and Rock n’ Roll, Chicago exports Dogs At Large have recently returned from an audio-fashion shoot with the above and defiantly proclaimed, ‘It’s Nothing I’d Wear’…a release that doesn’t really sit anywhere in the genre-base specifically, rather on the fringe on a self-made eclectic seat … It is indeed “radio friendly” but beneath that facade there’s a beating heart of grit that’s barely suppressed and it beckons you.”
-Musically Fresh

Electric Sheep
Electric Sheep are dual singer-songwriter fronted Psychedelic Pop from Chicago. Rooted in 60s pop songcraft, E-sheep often scale back to hooky groovy psych.

Grown out of the sludgy agar petri dish that is Chicago music, Bandy compiled in Summer 2016 to bring about revolutionary good times and sing about the vicissitudes of our many lives. Having performed previously with the late, great Bricklayers Foundation, Adam Cohen-Leadholm and Ross Howard have teamed up once again with some dear old friends to bring about an exciting new sound inspired by glam rock, psych-pop, post-punk, and R&B. Come share in the love!

Dogs At Large / Electric Sheep / Bandy

Free Pool Mondays!

Think you got what it takes to throw down with Logan Square’s best… or at least, most confident players? Tonight is the night to find out, cause it’s free, baby!

Come out, bring your friends, bring your mom, bring your sister, your brother, you neighbor, your pet rock, or just yourself…but bring your game (and a cue if you got one, but we got you covered if you don’t).

To help calm you down after losing or reward you after winning, we’ll take half off PBR tall boys! That’s 16oz of brew for the low, low price of $2.

Come one, come all! See you here.

+FREE DRINK when you RSVP on our website here:

Free Pool Monday

Find out all the parties and events in jerseycity nearby and get notified for upcoming events.

All events and parties in jerseycity


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