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Lecture by Prof. Martha Strawn

14 March 2017

6.30 pm to 8.00 pm

Seminar Room 1 and 2, Kamladevi Complex, India International Centre, New Delhi.

Lecture by Prof. Martha Strawn

IGNCA Film Circle
Brhadishvara Temple Thanjavur
Mahakumbha Abhisekam

10 March 2017

5.30 pm onwards

Auditorium, Media Centre, 3 Dr. R. P. Road, N. Delhi-1

The temple was built by Rajaraja Chola (CE 995-1010) to honour Lord Siva. The film records rare footage of all the Abhisekam. This rare documentation records one of the greatest oral and ritualistic heritages.

Directed by: Ms. Jai Chandiram

Duration: 56 minutes

IGNCA Film Circle- Brhadishvara Temple Thanjavur

International Conference

Women and Buddhism: Perspectives on Gender, Culture and Empowerment.

27-29 March 2017

10.00 am onwards

IGNCA Auditorium and Conference Hall, C.V. Mess, Janpath, New Delhi-1

Concept Note:

The position of women in any society is a true index of its cultural and spiritual level. Indian tradition has generally respected womanhood. Even god is regarded as Ardhanarisvara. Manu said that when women are honoured, there the gods are pleased. Where they are not honoured all works becomes fruitless. In the Vedic age woman enjoyed equal opportunities for education and work. They were eligible for initiation and Brahmacharya.

Buddha laid stress on the fact that a woman like a man reaps fruits of her past karma, and she must depend on her own acts for her future good or evil or salvation and in this none can help her, not even her parents. Buddhism does not consider women as being inferior to men. Buddha discarded the Brahmanic rituals in which wife played a secondary role and widow and barren women does not have any place in society. Buddha made no discrimination between a man and woman regarding the attainment of spiritual goals. Buddhism, while accepting the biological and physical differences between the two sexes, does consider men and women to be equally useful to the society He delivered discourses for the benefit of both the sexes and the moral code prescribed by him was to be observed by both. Buddhism does not restrict either the educational opportunities of women or their religious freedom.

Paper Presentations of the Conference will be based on the following themes:
Ideal and position of women during the time of Buddha
The Buddha’s attitude towards women
Family life and Buddhism
Lives of early Buddhist nuns
Women in Buddhist literature
Prominent Women in Buddhism
Gender equality and the empowerment of women in Mahayana Buddhism
Women and Buddhahood
Gender an issue in Buddhism
Feminine principle and Tantric Buddhism
Women and Engaged Buddhism
Buddhist nuns and Contemporary Society: Women in the transmission and transformation of Buddhism
Feminine symbolism in Buddhist Art

To corroborate with the conference, IGNCA will showcase an exhibition on ‘Guanshiyin/ Avalokitesvara: Feminine symbolism in Buddhist Art’ from 27 March to 10 April 2017 at Twin Art Gallery, C.V. Mess, Janpath, New Delhi.

International Conference- Women and Buddhism: Perspectives on G

Find out all the parties and events in modesto nearby and get notified for upcoming events.

All events and parties in modesto


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