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Temple brings to you his latest electronic creations. A brand new eclectic mix of homemade beats, waves and trips, featuring live vocals and mixing. Dance, spin, vibe out, or max and relax it – serving up the tracks fresh and hot.
A journey starting with downtempo, ambient vibes, combined with binaural beats and isochronic tones (these are frequencies that actually bring about different states of consciousness through sound). Then elevating into a one of a kind groove, swung rhythms and live elements.

Featuring Live Vocals, Spoken Word, and Poetry.

***proudly presented by Cosmic Kaspar´s Musiclab & Mooddevelopment***

Temple Haze – smells like Loveletters

Since 15 years Florian is active as a professional musician and producer in a variety of areas. In 2008 he started his own business in Vienna with his own recording studio and record label (Flowing Records). Besides his work in numerous bands as a drummer, he founded the successful project “My Secret Playground”(2008), which still exists. Under this name, he also began to produce film music.
In 2010, I decided to shift his center of life to Berlin. The city offers the perfect environment for creative work.
Since 2014 he organizes the “My Secret Session” in Berlin, where Djs and Musicians share their musical ideas. In the same year he began to dj with a live set, single musicians and band.
In October 2014 he started to work for the famous Booking Agency Wilde.
His passion is film and the implementation of new innovative ideas that combine different genres.

Florian Herzberg DJ Set (My Secret Session)


Houserasten mit Jørnemann & johnnie_eins (no:norm)


Since 2002, XMINDER (João Cruz) has evolved in his DJ career playing alternative sounds, indie, rock, punk, funk moving for the exploration of electronic music in its different domains through experimental / idm, minimal / techno / dub, house / acid, electro / breaks and other several styles, always looking to create extremely contagious musical and dance floor environments playing the vinyl format, which is undoubtedly the favorite, not excluding the laptops and CDJs.
The aim is always to follow a fairly eclectic line always with a consistent evolution.
Shared cabins and organized events with the participation of some well known DJs and musicians and plays in many well known clubs and events in several cities all over Portugal mostly Lisbon and Faro and cities in countries all over Europe like Berlin and Hamburg among others.


Xminder plays HAUSmade tunes

John Loveless is a DJ and writer based in Berlin. Originally hailing from Manchester, UK, his hugely individual and wide ranging taste in electronic and alternative music has been an increasing fixture on underground, online platforms such as Radar Radar and KMAH Radio. Equally rooted across clubs, bars or broadcasting, his sets typically explore the charismatic, contemporary edges of offbeat house, psychedelic techno, heartfelt disco, outsider pop, transient ambience and quite simply, whatever else works. As comfortable subverting a dancefloor as uniting it, John Loveless could well be your favourite DJ’s, DJ’s DJ.

As a writer and music journalist under the guise of‘John Thorp’, he has extensively contributed features and interviews to music publications including The Guardian, Time Out, Mixmag, Thump, Skiddle, The Quietus, The Skinny and DJ Mag.

***proudly presented by Cosmic Kaspar´s Musiclab & Mooddevelopment***

John Loveless @Lakehouse Finest

Find out all the parties and events in oklahomacity nearby and get notified for upcoming events.

All events and parties in oklahomacity


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