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Find out all the parties and events in boise nearby and get notified for upcoming events.

All events and parties in boise

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All events and parties from The Brewhouse Gallery

One of our most popular requested shows ever!! Usually ends with standing room only so make sure to get here early.

The String Assassins are Mark Shubert, Jay Kuchera, Matt Gill and Zak Mahoney, teaming up to shred some acoustic instruments!

The String Assassins Live

Featuring Dave Rubinstein (guitar/vocals)Robert Goodman(vocals/keys)and special guest on drums Bob Ross. We’ve been performing around South Florida for decades – Come enjoy their stylized version of classic music. Plus some originals and improv jams!

Duoplicity Live

Chick & Danger, hailed as the 7th greatest duo comprised of members from Palm Beach & Martin counties, restricted to the Florida market, and with respect to anyone who may feel they are more around 9ish at best, is made up of Chick McAllister on guitar, and Danger Van Deman on ukulele and upright bass, but mostly ukulele (pronounced Ook-uh-Leh-leh like Puke-a-baby, but sorta different). Their style is like no other found anywhere in the whole wide world ever. Featuring original ditties and a wide array of other stuff they didn’t write by folks who did (we’re talkin’ show tunes, classic rock, country, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, skipping the aughts, but then right back at it again with the 10’s), Chick & Danger bring you nearly four decades of entertainment experience in venues such as bars and clubs, and that one dudes backyard that one time.

Chick & Danger Live

Josh Miles is a Dallas Texas born/ Palm Beach Florida based singer/songwriter whose brand of Soul music encompasses a wide range of influences. Josh’s music can be described as Bluesy at times and relentlessly groovy at others (and many things in between), but, no matter what, the aim is to keep it soulful.

Josh Miles Live

THIS is a show you don’t want to miss!! Come see Andii Styron and Maze perform at the Brewhouse Gallery with special guest band, The In Between will be performing for the last hour! Blues, jazz, rock and folk all in one night! Come and enjoy good music, food, craft beer and a loving atmosphere!

Andii & MaZe with The In-between

Find out all the parties and events in boise nearby and get notified for upcoming events.

All events and parties in boise


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